Here at Maverick Photography, we edit the pictures to your couture.  We know everyone here has a different taste, so we made sure we have a wide palette of styles!  We also have a some preset styles which many of our customers love.  Below is an example of a single picture out of the camera.  We can edit it to have different tones.  Just as a reminder, these themes can be applied to all categories of pictures.  These are just an example for the wedding genre.

Original Unedited

An untouched picture from the camera.


By far the most requested theme.  Vivid is a style that enhances the color, making the picture pop.  It has deeper blacks and cleaner whites.  It creates a moment full of life and energy.  


The Silver theme is the theme with the most detail.  The black and white imagery states a very powerful contrast with one another.  It is a timeless theme that can be applied to all pictures.  This theme is best for candid shots like the moment above.


The Classic is a beautiful theme that's reserved for an elegant look.  The theme subdue the colors to give it a rustic taste.  It works great with wood and a country side background.